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Bugfixes and two new effects

Aug 172014

Due to user reports some bugs were fixed in Imagatic today:

  • The zoom toolbar became smarter.
  • Now there is a proper fallback when the user's language is not supported.

A remaining request is to provide an option to export a lossless image. This is useful for example in case of cartoon effects, when compression artifacts shall be avoided. The lossless option will be implemented soon.

In addition two new effects are available:

  • Smart edge provides an easy-to-use tool to extract the edges from an image.
  • Glowing edge is similar to the previous one, but also generates a glowing effect near to the stronger edges.

This image is generated by the Smart edge effect:

Smart edge

This one shows a result of the Glowing edge effect:

Glowing edge

Just open Imagatic and try them! :)