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A paint effect in Imagatic

Aug 212014

Important update: a Van Gogh-like advanced paint effect also become available, have a look at the description of the effect.

Did you know, that a paint effect is already available in Imagatic?

Although currently there is no way for creating a painted image directly, a similar illusion can be achieved by clever chaining of two effects.

Have a look at the Debrecen (Hungary) image:

Debrecen original

Now apply the Tiling / Mosaic hexagon effect on this picture using a hexagon size of 3 and a funk of 10 without gaps:

Debrecen hexagon

The result is a distorted image containing small hexagons.

Now apply the Image enhancement / Noise filter effect by a window size of 9 and a tone of 50 to smooth the borders of the hexagons. The result seems like a painted image:

Debrecen noise filter

This is a good example, that by chaining two simple effects another one can be achieved. Be creative and use Imagatic for creating nice pictures! :)