Imagatic - Photo Effects Online

Get amazing effects on your photos by using only a web-browser.


Is Imagatic free?

The feature limited version of Imagatic is completely free for personal use. In the future there will be additional features and functionalities available only when buying a license.

What do you mean by personal use?

An example will make it clear.

Suppose that you apply a nice effect on a photo. If you share it with your friends, or print it and put the image on your wall, maybe give it as a gift, this is personal use. But if you make a gallery of pictures produced by Imagatic and sell them, it is commercial use. :)

I would like to use Imagatic in a commercial way. Is it possible?

Yes, please contact us at

What do I need to run Imagatic?

You need only a modern browser on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

In IE10+ and the latest Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox versions Imagatic shall work without any problems. Of course there may be other browsers Imagatic works in.

Can I use Imagatic in offline mode?

Yes, offline mode is also available, the only limitation is that you can use only the effects stored in the application cache.

If you use an effect, it is put into the cache while the least recently used is dropped from it. Currently the cache is limited to hold 50 effects, but hopefully this will be enough for everyone.

Once Imagatic is opened in your browser, it is available in offline mode by opening Imagatic directly at If you use Chrome, you can put an icon to your desktop to open Imagatic.

Is Imagatic safe?

All the calculations are done in your browser. The photo you are editing is not uploaded to any server, so nobody can access it. The photo is shared only, if you decide to do so.

What kind of effects are found in Imagatic?

Currently we have numerous basic photo effects (contrast, blur, sharpen etc.) and some extra ones (coloring, halftone and pixelate variants) available in Imagatic. We are continuously working on new effects: a message will be put on our Facebook and Twitter pages when a new one is implemented.

You can follow the development status in our Blog and browse all available effects in the Effects section.

How can I save or share a photo?

Navigate to the Prepare page, then you can save the photo either by the classic right click and Save as... method or a long tap on smartphones.

On the same page can you share the photo on Facebook. You have to give the permission to Imagatic to post on your timeline. We are using this permission only to post photos when you decide to do so, no personally identifiable information is used from your profile.

On Android I tried to load an image, but the browser reloaded the page. What did I wrong?

Nothing. This is a known annoying bug in Android. For a full conversation about this problem please visit this thread. Till this bug is not fixed, you may try to load images having smaller dimensions.

I found a bug! Where can I report it?

Since Imagatic is a rather young project still in development state, bugs may occur during its usage. Any bug reports are welcome at We will fix them as soon as possible.

I have a feature request or a suggestion. Where can I share it?

Any feature requests or suggestions are welcome at

I would like to advertise or to be a sponsor. What shall I do?

Contact us at We are open to suggestions.