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Paint / Van Gogh

Effect speed: Medium/Slow

License: Not required


Advanced effect with many controllable parameters imitating a van Gogh like painting.


  • Stroke width: width of the strokes.
  • Stroke direction: angle of the strokes.
  • Stroke speed: small speed result in less jagged edges at object boundaries.
  • Luminance funk: luminance variance of the spots – for example dark and light blue instead of blue.
  • Color funk: color variance of the spots – for example reddish and greenish blue instead of blue.


The original Blocks image:

Blocks original

Using the default parameters the result is the following:

Blocks van Gogh default

The get less jagged boundaries reduce the Stroke speed to 2. Also increase the Luminance funk to 10 to get brighter and darker lines:

Blocks van Gogh 1 10

To modify the direction of the strokes set the Stroke direction to 9:

Blocks van Gogh 9 1 10

Try it!

To try the Van Gogh effect online just open Imagatic and look for it in the Paint group.