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Image enhancement / Soft noise filter

Effect speed: Medium/Slow

License: Not required


Suppresses the noise on the image by median filtering, large radius results more smoothed and blurred image. Tolerance controls the algorithm to keep more details of the original image. This effect can also be used to create cartoon-like images.

Take care of using large radii: the run-time will increase too!


  • Radius: radius of the filter, larger radius results smoother image.
  • Tone: tone of the resulting image, lower tone results enhancement of darker colors.
  • Tolerance: higher tolerance keeps more details of the original image.


The original Cat image:

Cat original

By filtering it by a radius of 12, a tone of 50 and a tolerance of 0, the image becomes very smooth:

Cat filtered 12 50 0

Increase the tolerance to 50:

Cat filtered 12 50 50

Although the image is smoothed many details are kept, the result is a cartoon-like picture.

Try it!

To try the Soft noise filter online just open Imagatic and look for it in the Image enhancement group.