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Pencil draw / Smart edge

Effect speed: Fast/Middle

License: Not required


Displays the edges of the image. Among setting the sensitivity of the edge detection the pre-filtering rate and the strength of the edges can be controlled. The resulting image can be inverted, too.


  • Sensitivity: larger sensitivity results in more detected edges.
  • Strength: strength of the edges.
  • Pre-filter: the image is smoothed before the edge-detection to suppress noise, this parameter controls the strength of the suppression.
  • Invert: inverts the resulting image, all edges become white while the background will be black.


The original Flowers image:

Flower original

By using the default settings of sensitivity of 15, strength of 15 and pre-filter of 1 the result is the following:

Flower edge default

To get a more detailed image with smoother edges, increase the sensitivity to 25 and decrease the strength to 5. Pre-filter is also increased to 2:

Flower edge smoother

Turning on the invert flag while sensitivity is 25, strength is 15 and pre-filter of 1 results in this nice picture:

Flower edge invert

Try it!

To try the Smart edge effect online just open Imagatic and look for it in the Pencil draw group.