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Pencil draw / Shading dots

Effect speed: Middle/Slow

License: Not required


Generates an image shaded by small dots.


  • Dot amount: controls the number of dots used for shading, larger value results in slower run time.
  • Dot spread: changes the appearance of the dots, increase this value to get smoother and fatter dots.
  • Dot strength: darkness of the dots, in case of smaller strength more dots are needed to get the same level of darkness.
  • Contrast: contrast of the resulting image.


The original Blocks image:

Blocks original

By using the settings of dot amount of 3, dot spread of 3, dot strength of 3 and contrast of 5 the result is the following:

Blocks shading dots

To get higher contrast, increase the contrast value to 10:

Blocks shading dots contrast

Now increase the fatness of the dots to get the dark areas more covered, so set the dot spread to 5:

Blocks shading dots contrast fat

Try it!

To try the Shading dots effect online just open Imagatic and look for it in the Pencil draw group.