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Tiling / RGB blocks

Effect speed: Fast

License: Not required


The RGB blocks effect emulates an old TV screen by using small red, green and blue blocks. The color depth and the saturation can be tuned also to achieve various results.


  • Block size: size of the RGB blocks.
  • Color depth: controls the available brightness levels of the blocks.
  • Saturation: controls the colorness of the blocks.


The original Tihany (Hungary) image:

Tihany original

By using the parameters block size of 1, color depth of 10 and saturation of 10:

Tihany RGB blocks

Decreasing the color depth to 3 results in a 90's screen:

Tihany RGB blocks 1 3 10

Decreasing the saturation to 1 results in a gray scale image:

Tihany RGB blocks 1 3 1

Try it!

To try the RGB blocks effect online just open Imagatic and look for it in the Tiling group.