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Image enhancement / Noise filter

Effect speed: Medium/Slow

License: Not required


Suppresses the noise on the image by median filtering, large radius results in more smoothed and blurred image. This effect can also be used to create cartoon-like images.

Take care of using large radii: the run-time will increase too!


  • Radius: radius of the filter, larger radius results in smoother image.
  • Tone: tone of the resulting image, lower tone results in enhancement of darker colors.


The original Tihany (Hungary) image:

Tihany original

By filtering it by a radius of 5 and tone of 50 the image is smoothed:

Tihany filtered 5 50

To enhance the darker regions more, for example at the small windows, decrease the tone to 25:

Tihany filtered 5 25

By increasing the radius to 8 the result is a smoother image:

Tihany filtered 8 40

This filter can also be used to get a cartoon-like picture. The original Cat image:

Cat original

After filtering it by a radius of 7 and a tone of 40 the result is the following:

Cat cartoon

Try it!

To try the Noise filter online just open Imagatic and look for it in the Image enhancement group.