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Tiling / Mosaic hexagon

Effect speed: Fast/Middle

License: Not required


Covers the image by colored hexagons. Among the size of the objects the distortion of them can be controlled too. Smaller hexagons result in longer run time.


  • Hexagon size: size of the hexagons.
  • Gap width: width of the gaps between hexagons.
  • Gap color: color of the gaps.
  • Funk: controls the distortion of the hexagons, larger value results in more distorted ones.


The original Tihany (Hungary) image:

Tihany original

By using hexagon size of 8, black gaps of width of 2 and funk of 8 the result is the following:

Tihany mosaic

The original Blocks image:

Blocks original

By using hexagon size of 15, white gaps of width of 4 and funk of 10:

Blocks mosaic

Try it!

To try the Mosaic hexagon effect online just open Imagatic and look for it in the Tiling group.