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Image enhancement / Histogram equalization

Effect speed: Fast

License: Not required


Equalizes the histogram of the image, in most cases this enhances the contrast. If the result seems over-equalized, strength can be reduced.


  • Strength: strength of histogram equalization.


The original Cat image:

Cat original

After histogram equalization by a strength of 50:

Cat histogram equalized

An example of over-equalization on the original Tihany (Hungary) image:

Tihany original

After histogram equalization by a strength of 50 the effect seems too strong especially on the sky:

Tihany histogram over-equalized

By reducing the strength to 20 the artifacts disappear, but the contrast of the sky is still enhanced:

Tihany histogram equalized

Try it!

To try the Histogram equalization online just open Imagatic and look for it in the Image enhancement group.