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Colors / Duotone

Effect speed: Fast

License: Not required


Transforms the image to different shades of two given colors.


  • Tone: controls the tone of the resulting image.
  • Split: controls the ratio of the two colors.
  • Dark color: the color to apply on dark regions. 
  • Bright color: the color to apply on bright regions.

The brightness of the given colors are marginal, the color values themselves are important.


The original Debrecen (Hungary) image:

Debrecen original

Using the default parameters the result is the following:

Debrecen default

Reduce Split to 64 to get less blue regions:

Debrecen 0 64

Now set Tone to -15 to get a darker image and set Split back to its default value of 128. If we compare the following photo to the default result, we see much more blue regions on it, because the image has been darkened:

Debrecen -15 128

Try it!

To try the Duotone effect online just open Imagatic and look for it in the Colors group.