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Pencil draw / Charcoal

Effect speed: Fast

License: Not required


The classic charcoal effect suggested especially for landscapes. The appearing lines can be controlled by a filter parameter.


  • Strength: strength of the image.
  • Filter: controls the width and smoothness of the appearing lines.


The original David image:

David original

By using the parameters of strength 5, and filter 1–50 we get smooth lines:

David charcoal

To get a slightly more detailed and stronger image, use the parameters of strength 8, and filter 1–20:

David charcoal detailed

The original Cat image:

Cat original

By using the default parameters of strength 5, and filter 1–25:

Cat charcoal

To get thinner and stronger lines, set strength to 10 and filter to 0–10:

Cat charcoal 10 0 10

To get smoothed and thicker lines, set the filter to 5–25:

Cat charcoal 10 5 25

Try it!

To try the Charcoal effect online just open Imagatic and look for it in the Pencil draw group.