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New color effects published

Oct 282014

We have created a new effect-group called Colors and have published three effects in it.

  • Filters contains three color-filters currently: polaroid, sepia and grayscale.

In the future other color-filters will be added too. Also we plan to develop a small tool for our users to let them to play around with color effects and send them to us.

Here is a sample output of the Polariod color-filter:


  • Monotone and Duotone let the users to convert the image to shades of given colors.

Here is an example output of Monotone:


Duotone combines two colors and provides settings to control the ratio of them:


Let us know how do you like them and share nice photos with your friends!

Three new advanced effects

Aug 292014

We proudly announce our three new effects!

  • Small Stones is a new effect in the Tiling group for creating mosaic like images.

This mosaic is generated from our Blocks sample image:

Small stones

The two other effects are put into a new group called Paint:

  • Simple paint provides an easy and fast way to create a painting like image.
  • Van Gogh is an advanced painting effect with multiple controllable parameters. This is one of the best free painting effects available online.

An output of the Simple paint effect:

Simple paint

This is an example output of the advanced Van Gogh effect:

Van Gogh

We hope you will enjoy using them!

A paint effect in Imagatic

Aug 212014

Important update: a Van Gogh-like advanced paint effect also become available, have a look at the description of the effect.

Did you know, that a paint effect is already available in Imagatic?

Although currently there is no way for creating a painted image directly, a similar illusion can be achieved by clever chaining of two effects.

Have a look at the Debrecen (Hungary) image:

Debrecen original

Now apply the Tiling / Mosaic hexagon effect on this picture using a hexagon size of 3 and a funk of 10 without gaps:

Debrecen hexagon

The result is a distorted image containing small hexagons.

Now apply the Image enhancement / Noise filter effect by a window size of 9 and a tone of 50 to smooth the borders of the hexagons. The result seems like a painted image:

Debrecen noise filter

This is a good example, that by chaining two simple effects another one can be achieved. Be creative and use Imagatic for creating nice pictures! :)

Bugfixes and two new effects

Aug 172014

Due to user reports some bugs were fixed in Imagatic today:

  • The zoom toolbar became smarter.
  • Now there is a proper fallback when the user's language is not supported.

A remaining request is to provide an option to export a lossless image. This is useful for example in case of cartoon effects, when compression artifacts shall be avoided. The lossless option will be implemented soon.

In addition two new effects are available:

  • Smart edge provides an easy-to-use tool to extract the edges from an image.
  • Glowing edge is similar to the previous one, but also generates a glowing effect near to the stronger edges.

This image is generated by the Smart edge effect:

Smart edge

This one shows a result of the Glowing edge effect:

Glowing edge

Just open Imagatic and try them! :)

Imagatic has been published!

Aug 092014

Today Imagatic application has been published!

What is important to know:

  • The application is in opened beta test state.
  • Although the application starts with a limited number of effects, new ones will be continuously implemented and added.
  • If you have found a bug or want to suggest an effect or a feature, contact us.
  • If you would like to advertise or to be a sponsor, contact us at
  • Reports help us a lot to improve the application to fit our users needs. :)
  • To keep updated follow us on Facebook and Twitter or read our Blog section.